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Kali and Durga are two wrathful forms of the consort of Shiva, and worship, especially at the main shrines, includes the sacrifice of animals.

~ In one of the religious traditions of India, there are 8 major forms of Devi, the Goddess.Though the term yogini is also used for mysterious females who can effect extraordinary change that is ultimately, though not always apparently, beneficial, strictly speaking, a yogini is a female yogi.She is any practitioner of tantric lore in any of its variety of kinds.In Minoan times (pre-1500 BCE) Hera was depicted bearing a staff and bowl similar to the attributes of Vajrayogini.On an archaic amphora, she is depicted attended by Nike, whose association with space is conveyed by means of wings. However, we do not have a term (in English) for the consort, wife or companion of a god, so we use the term goddess here, too.

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These are known as the Ashta Matrikas (8 Mothers.) Each of these has 8 attendants and so we arrive at the number, 64.

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